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Random Mix Glass Mosaic Tiles We at sia-mozart - believe to encompass widest range of varied needs & applications of our esteemed patrons. We have established a very strong hold in numerous ranges of products–as required by our patrons & clients as per their usage specifications. We do application work for our glass mosaic tiles.

bathroom glass mosaic tilesGlass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles are obviously mounted on sheets for comfortable installation and regular grout lines. There are three methods for fixing the tiles. Paper-faced mounting includes a brown paper or transparent self-adhesive film on the front of the mosaics. This is the better quality for any glass mosaic tile, but particularly for glass mosaic tiles that have colour going straight through the glass, because sheeting on the back of the tile can be noticeable through the clear glass. Paper-faced material also permits for better bonding between the tile and the substrate by using Sia Glass Mosaic Adhesive. Glass mosaics can also be mounted on the back with mesh. Fiberglass mesh is the better-quality product and is suitable for tiles with colour on the back.

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